IXP425+Sigma Based Wireless Media Gateway

Product Overview

Papillon board is a high-performance Access Gateway that utilizes Intel® IXP425 network processor, a highly integrated single-chip processor based on the low power Intel® XScale® core. The PAPILLON platform offers OEMs a standard module to easily customize and upgrade designs with reduced Time-To-Market. The PAPILLON platform demonstrates flexibility and scalability of IXP4xx network processor for wide range of applications including Wireless Residential Gateway with Network Attached Storage and Print Server capability, Video Encoding/Decoding, Security and VPN, and complete VoIP functions.

Application Example

Papillon can be used in Media Gateway applications such as Triple-Play applications .In the example shown here (see figure), the multimedia data received through Wireless Router (WiFi) or LAN or AV-In (VWEB®  VW2005 Encoder) is rendered and processed by a Sigma Design Video Decoder. In such application, the PAPILLON is able to : 1. extend Wireless Router with media server capability, 2. link the broadband WAN to home LAN networks and perform traditional home networking functions, 3. redistribute multimedia contents through wireless network and act as a server.


Block Diagram

Key Features

Based on Intel® IXP42X Network Processor, Sigma® EM8621 MPEG4/WMV9 decoder and VWEB® VW2005 MPEG encoder.
 Full featured reference board for Media Gateway with 4-port Ethernet switch, IEEE802.11b/g WLAN, Digital Video Interface, HDTV interface, USB 2.0 host     and VoIP port
 Full set of device drivers
 Comprehensive design documentation

Software Features

 Comprehensive set of device drivers
 Command line interface for debugging
 Digital Media Renderer based on UPnP that play media data of different format which is supported by Sigma decoder.
 Graphical User Interface
 Digital Video Recorder that record different video format which is supported by VWEB encoder, which is based on command line interface6.
 VoIP Residential Gateway application

Hardware Specifications

 IXP425 266MHz Processor with 16MB Flash(up to 32MB) and 128MB SDRAM(up to 256MB)
 One 10/100 Ethernet WAN port
 Four 10/100 Ethernet LAN port
 One Type III miniPCI connector for IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN
 DVI/YPbPr/VGA/ S-Video/CVBS video out
 Supporting video decoding format: MPEG-2MP@HL(720p/1080p),MPEG-4ASP@L5(720p),WMV9 MP@ML(720p)
 Stereo/SPDIF audio out
 Supporting audio decoding format: Dolby Digital, DVD-Audio, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-2 BC multi-channel, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AAC-LC, WMA9
 S-Video/CVBS analog video in
 Supports video encoding format: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263
 Microphone stereo audio in
 Supporting audio encoding format: MPEG-1 Layer I and II,MP3,AAC or AC-3
 Two VoIP FXS ports
 USB 2.0 HDD
 USB 2.0 Keyboard/Mouse
 5-in-1 card reader slot
 RS-232 console port
 Infrared Remote Control
 Dimension:33.0 cm x 17.0 cm

Reference Design Kit

 Fully populated and functional PCB
 BSP/ Drivers for RT Linux
 Snapgear Linux 3.1.1(2.4.24 kernel)User manual

*Our product is compatible with ROHS

*More information, please contact us via Sales@flexcomm.com.cn


 Papillon Product Brief [PDF File]