IXP420 Based Flexible Multimedia Gateway

Product Overview

Flexcomm¡¯s Flexible Multimedia Gateway (FMG) provides sophisticated solutions for advanced IP streaming media, on-line gaming and IPTV services, as well as for web browsing and e-mailing. It is capable of accessing wide range of interactive services through P2P network and also aViiv™ compatible device.

The UPnP AV1.0 has been implemented to connect, browse and play desired media contents from any UPnP enabled media server.

It features highly flexible, complete audio and video outputs for HD and SD, as well as digital and analog AV outputs which provide consumer with an enjoyable multimedia experience. It comes with enhanced real time audio output for an exciting experience for remote gaming enthusiast. Users can have greater system flexibility with 2 built-in miniPCI slots which permit to have optional PVR and Wi-Fi functionality.

With Flexcomm¡¯s many years of in-depth experience in hardware and softwaredesign, the FMG platform enables providers to deploy IPTV/IP STB service to more subscribers with highly competitive pricing, and faster time-to-market product.

The modular approach of Flexcomm¡¯s FMG Middleware is capable of integrating multi-service provider¡¯s IP STB/IPTV applications software. The compact size of the PCB allows design of slim, stylish and elegant chassis.

Product Highlights

¡ñ Intel® IXP42x offers excellent platform to run Intel Viiv™ software stack
¡ñ Sigma Designs® EM8621L provides MPEG 1/2/4, WMV9 HD decoding functionality
¡ñ UPnP AV 1.0 Microstacks enable Plug-and-Play network connectivity
¡ñ Middleware and application software are designed to conform to DLNA and NMPR guidelines, based on UPnP technology


¡ñ P2P IP Multimedia Player
¡ñ IP Media Streaming Player
¡ñ Remote Gaming
¡ñ Instant Messaging
¡ñ Web Browser
¡ñ Wireless Streaming
¡ñ Support video encoder via Vweb encoding mini-PCI card (Optional)

Deployment Diagram

Hardware Block Diagram

Hardware Features


Network Processor

Intel® IXP420 266Mhz or 533MHz

Flash up to 16MB

SDRAM up to 256MB

DOC 128MB, up to 2GB (Optional)


Sigma Designs®  EM8621L (MPEG 1/2/4, WMV9 decoder)




10/100 Ethernet LAN - RJ45 at rear panel

10/100 Ethernet WAN - RJ45 at rear panel (optional)


802.11g, Type III miniPCI slot


USB 2.0

USB 2.0 ports, 1 at front panel; 2 at rear panel for tablet, mouse, key board and game pad


USB 2.0 port on board (optional)

Video In


Vweb encoding miniPCI card (optional)

Video Out

Digital Video Out

DVI-D port at rear panel

Analog Video Out

VGA port at rear panel

S-Video/CVBS connector at rear panel

CVBS - RCA connector at rear panel

Audio Out

Analog Audio Out

Headphone/Line-out 3.5mm jack at front panel

Digital Audio Out

5.1ch SPDIF optical output at rear panel

Audio In

Analog Audio In

Microphone-in 3.5mm jack at front panel



IrDA Receiver for remoter control

Physical char




Power Jack

DC +12V, 2A

Power Switch

Power Switch x1

HW Reset

Push button x1


RS232 3x1 header connector x1

Debug Support

JTAG 8x2 Header x1

Hardware Interface

*Our product is compatible with ROHS

*More information, please contact us via Sales@flexcomm.com.cn