IXP425 High-Performance PrPMC Board

Product Overview

FIDS42MM1 Processor PCI Mezzanine Card (PrPMC) is a high-performance processing element that utilizes Intel® IXP425 network processor which is a low power and high performance Xscale CPU. The FIDS42MM1 offers OEMs a standard module to easily customize and upgrade designs and reduce time to market. It can be used in broadband access and edge service markets such as broadband access (Intelligent DSLAM), metro routers, edge service and 2.5/3G wireless (CDMA2000 or WCDMA system). The Pn1/ Pn2 connectors of FIDS42MM1 provide a 32 bit 33/66 MHz interface to the PMC bus on the carrier board as well as providing power and ground. Two FE ports (NPE) of IXP425 processors are bring out to front panel. For applications requiring additional data interconnect, FIDS42MM1 also provides the other two 10/100M FE port though an Intel 82559. To maximize interconnection flexibility and bandwidth, the FIDS42MM1 brings two NPEs, fast UART, HSS bus and extend bus to Pn3/ Pn4 PrPMC connectors. So, coupled with different carrier board, FIDS42MM1 can provide different hardware features to enable OEMs to focus on their application specific requirements while simplifying product development and upgrades.

Application Example

FIDS42MM1 can be used in distribution applications to replace 6U cPCI CPU board. In following example, network traffic is distributed by front equipment such as FIDS1200 to multi-FIDS42MM1 to process. In such solution, system density is four times than which of 6U CPU board solution, but price half.

Block Diagram

                        Hardware  Specification


533/400/266 MHz IXP425 Network Processor


8 Mbytes flash (4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB)


128 Mbytes SDRAM (256MB)

Slots and Interfaces


Two HSS /1 USB

PMC interface

Four 10/100M Ethernet interfaces

Front panel

1.  Three RJ45 connectors with LINK/ ACTIVE indicator LEDs

2.  Reset / power indicator LEDs

Standard PMC board


*Our product is compatible with ROHS

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FIDS42MM1 Product Brief [PDF File]