IXP2805 Based FIDS28MC1 High-End Security Platform

Product Overview

Flexcomm FIDS28MC1 is a high performance network security platform based on Intel® IXP2805 Network Processor, which feature multi-microengines that provide fast and powerful processing of network data.With its high integration of multiple NPs and auxiliary components and its versatile interfaces including ten GE ports and two 10G OC192 ports, FIDS28MC1 platform can save up to 50% in cost comparing to traditional 10G platforms which may need two or more boards to implement those functions done in one FIDS28MC1 board.

FIDS28MC1 is the main board and works with FIDS28NP1 daughter boards. The main board is able to carry two FIDS28NP1 cards. FIDS28NP1 consists of IXP2805 network processor, TCAM card, 768MB RDRAM, QDR, flash and CPLD. With SPI Switch on main board, it allows user to deploy one or two IXP2805 network processors to make port configurable, such as single directional or bidirectional OC192 to OC192, OC192 to 10xGE, and 10xGE to 10xGE packet processing. The IXP2805 processors can work in parallel or in series.

Flexcomm FIDS28MC1 system can be applied in networking security, broadband access and statistic of Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and High-speed Backbone Network.


Product Highlights

 Two Intel® IXP2805 Network Processors
 Mighty performance: up to 10Gbps system processing ability
 Support various interfaces: 10xGE ports and 2x10G OC192 ports
 Flexible configuration: Optional daughter card quantity and connection modes

Deployment Diagram

Hardware Block Diagram

Hardware Specification



FIDS28MC1 Mother Board

10G OC192

Two 10G OC192 XFP Fiber Ports

GE Ports

10xGE SFP Fiber Ports

SPI Switch


Debug Ports

Two RJ-45 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Ports

One RJ-11 Serial Port


Dimension: 8Ux6HPx280mm ATCA, Single Slot

FIDS28NP1 Daughter Card

Network Processor

Intel® IXP2805 Network Processor

16 Independent RISC Microengines @ 1.4 GHz

Intel Xscale™ core @ 700 MHz

Processors configurable in dual


32MB Flash per network processor


Two QDR-II SRAM channels with 8MB per channel

Rambus RDRAM

3 channels of 256MB to provide 768MB

Max of 8 loads per channel up to 533MHz/1066MT


4.5Mb of dual ported TCAM

Dynamically configurable to 72/144/288b


 Redboot binary file
 Diagnostic program binary file
 Kernel source and binary file
 Customization Ramdisk file
 10xGE MAC drive file and 10G OC192 MAC drive files

*Our product is compatible with ROHS

*More information, please contact us via Sales@flexcomm.com.cn


 FIDS28MC1  Product Brief [PDF File]