IXP2800 10G Backbone Network Security System

Product Features

 Two 1.4GHz IXP2800 network processors
Flexcomm FIDS2800 is a high performance network security platform. The board consists of two Intel®  IXP2800 CPUs, which feature multi-microengines that provide fast and powerful processing of network data.The Intel®  IXP2800 network processor is the highest performance member of Intel second-generation network processor family. It combines 16 fully programmable multi-threaded microengines for packet forwarding and traffic management with an Intel XScale core on a single chip. The network processor is capable of performing more than 25 Giga-operations per second, enabling 10Gbps wire-speed processing even for minimum 40-byte Packet-over-Sonet (POS). The programmability and parallel nature of this processor chip make it an ideal choice when high performance and ability to quickly adapt to new network standards are required.

 SPI Switch makes dual IXP2800 connected in flexible ways
The two IXP2800 CPUs are connected by one SPI Switch. Through deploying SPI Switch, it makes dual IXP2800 flexible connecting methods come true, such as in parallel or in series. Through Zone 3 connector, RTM card, which provides ten SFP gigabit ports, is joined with SPI Switch which is on ATCA7010 main board. FIDS2800 provides one OC192 10G port, daughter card is joined to SPI Switch through FIC port. With SPI Switch deployment, it makes possible the packet transmitting between ten gigabit ports or the gigabit port and 10G OC192.

 Embedded high-speed, big-capacity TCAM
The FIDS2800 has 10xGE ports as well as one 10G OC192 port, which enable instant access to various high-speed backbone network. With its embedded high-speed and large-capacity TCAM, FIDS2800 is designed for 10 Gigabit/sec data rates, with typical usage in packet forwarding systems which is expert in rapid datagram matching and filtering.

With many years R&D experience in Intel® IXP series network processors, Flexcomm is able to provide strong technical support, including customization of various applications like firewalls, network security and data analysis based on FIDS2800 platform.


Deployment Diagram


Block Diagram

         Hardware Features






8Ux6HPx280mm ATCA, single slot


PICMG 3.0 and PICMG 3.x

Processor System

Network Processor

Dual Intel®  IXP2800

16 independent RISC Microengines @ 1.4 GHz

Intel Xscale® core @ 700 MHz

Processors configurable in dual



32 MB Flash per network processor


3 channels of 256MB to provide 768MB

Max of 8 loads per channel up to 533MHz/1066MT


Three QDR-II SRAM channels with 8 MB per channel


18 MB of dual ported TCAM

Dynamically configurable to 72/144/288b

Interface Cards

10G OC192

Mezzanine card

Shelf Mgmt


HW Mgmt per ATCA PICMG 3.0.

Front Panel

Debug Ports

RJ-45 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet ports

RJ-11 Serial ports for each network processor



Ten 1 Gigabit Ethernet with pluggable SFPs

Zone 3 connection to baseboard over SPI-4 interface

Connectors, Backplane

Ethernet Base

ATCA Zone 2


8 channels of 4x3.125GHz connected to ATCA Zone 2

*Our product is compatible with ROHS

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 FIDS2800 Product Brief [PDF File]