IXP2400 2.5G Compact PCI Board

Product Overview

The next-generation of multi-service network products must meet the growing users demand for an integrated solution of packet filter, content inspection and state-checking techniques. In addition to implementing pivotal technologies, such as multi-layer filter and content detection at wire speed, equipment manufacturers must also deliver products that can be easily upgraded with software under stringent time-to-market deadline. This capability is important because it can facilitate the cost-effective deployment of new services without extensive hardware replacement.

Based on Intel IXP2400 network processor, FIDS24MC3 meets these requirements significantly. Intel network processor delivers high-performance and is flexible to value-add services because of its powerful parallel and programmable multi micro-engines. In conjunction with FIDS24MC3 SDK, FIDS24MC3 can dramatically meet the requirements of the next generation of Firewall, IDS, Network monitoring, Load balance, Content filter, Traffic statistics, accounting, Protocol analysis and etc.

Product Highlights

 Accelerates time-to-market of broadband products based on IXP2400, IXF1104, PMC5381, TCAM.
 Platform FIDS24MC3 is a 6U cPCI card.
 FIDS SDK 1.0 includes:
    1.BSP/ Drivers for RT VxWorks
    2.Reference design
    3.System structure/ software structure/ interface spec documents
 Hardware, software, tools and documents form a total platform.


 BSP/ Drivers for VxWorks
 IPV4 throughput reference design
 5-tuple packet filtering reference design with TCAM
 The following building blocks from Intel:
        1.Packet receive;
        2.Packet transmit;
        3.Queue management
        4.Packet scheduling;
        5.Interface to the TCP/IP stack on the Intel XScale core

Block Diagram

Hardware Specification


Intel® IXP2400 network processor


512MB DDR DRAM, 4MB QDR SRAM (up to 16MB), 4.5Mb TCAM



Front-panel Features

One 2.5 Gigabit optical connector (only for input)

Four Gigabit optical connectors (only for output)

One 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet connector (for control)

One RJ45 serial port connector

One recessed master reset switch

Green/Red-Pass/Fail indicator LEDs for GE port and OC48


*Our product is compatible with ROHS

*More information, please contact us via Sales@flexcomm.com.cn


 FIDS24MC3 Product Brief [PDF File]