IXP435 Based Cronus1000

Product Overview

Flexcomm Cronus1000 is a richly-featured, production-ready latest broadband Gateway with built-in Gigabit WAN based on the latest IXP435 network processor and Infineon Tantos 3G chipset solution. Cronus1000 offers a complete hardware and software solution for integrated voice and data gateways for the residential, SOHO and SME markets. Cronus1000 is production-ready; it is also an excellent vehicle for gateway OEMs to get product to market faster, at lower cost, and with less developmental risk.

Cronus1000 is fully supported by pre-validated application stacks from Intoto. The software packages offer complete gateway services including VPN, stateful packet inspection firewall, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless, voice, bridging and routing, and remote management. VoIP capabilities including SIP proxy and terminal adapter are implemented leveraging the IXP435's native DSP capabilities. Intoto is the leading security software vendor providing proven CPE gateway solutions currently deployed in millions of units in the field.

Cronus1000 support data transmission speed of up to 400Mbps£¨bi-directional£©through TMII interface which is supported by IXP435 NPE and Infineon Tantos 3G chipset. Cronus1000 includes 1 Gigabit WAN port and 4 100Mbps LAN ports, as well as two RJ-11 ports capable for VoIP gateway functionality. It is well suited for small and medium business use.

The two network processing engines (NPEs) enable service providers to deploy more services using existing infrastructure, thereby shortening TTM and maximizing ROI (return on investment).

Flexcomm provides complete support of Cronus1000 giving you expedited customized design and shorter time-to-market cycle.

Deployment Chart

Product Highlights

¡ñ Latest Intel Xscale network processor IXP435, 667MHz CPU clock speed and DDRII-400 SDRAM
¡ñ IXP435 NPE support TMII interface which allow data transmission up to 200Mbps
¡ñ One gigabit WAN port support high speed connection to the Internet or network
¡ñ Infineon 3G chip PSB6973 7-port Ethernet switch controller (currently 4 ports on Cronus1000 board) with three GMII interfaces and total seven  ports     offers advanced features such as QoS, VLAN, security, bandwidth control/guarantee, port mirroring, IGMP and management functions
¡ñ Two highly configurable VoIP ports meet requirements of all countries
¡ñ One Type III A miniPCI connector for extension function, especially Wireless LAN module

Block Diagram


HW & SW Specification


Network Processor

Intel® IXP435 667MHz

Switch Controller

Infineon Tantos-3G




16MB Intel P30 NOR Flash


802.11 a/b/g/n via miniPCI (Optional)


4x10/100 Ethernet LAN ports


1x10/100/1000 Ethernet WAN port


2xFXS ports


1xType III A miniPCI slot


LAN/WAN Link/Activity indicators

Power-on indicator

Power Jack

DC +12V@2A

HW Reset



1xRS232 Pin Header

Debug Support

1xJTAG Header



Redboot 2.04 source code

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel 2.6.16 package


Timesys tool chain

Root Filesystem

Ramdisk image


Gigabit switch driver source code

*Our product is compatible with ROHS

*More information, please contact us via Sales@flexcomm.com