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Flexcomm Announce High-End IXP2805 Based Security Platform

Shenzhen, China, Jan 10th, 2008¡ªFlexcomm Limited, today announced availability of FIDS28MC1. The board is a high performance network security platform based on Intel® IXP2805 Network Processor which feature multi-microengines that provide fast and powerful processing of network datagram. Flexcomm FIDS28MC1 system can be applied in networking security, broadband access and statistic of Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and High-speed Backbone Network.

¡°It¡¯s economical and configurable; customer can choose to use one or two Intel® IXP2805 network processor according to their requirement.¡± Said Shijie Fan, GM of Flexcomm ¡°With its high integration of multiple NPs and auxiliary components and its versatile interfaces including ten GE ports and two 10G OC192 ports, the FIDS28MC1 platform can save up to 50% in cost comparing to traditional 10G platforms which may need two or more boards to implement those functions done in one FIDS28MC1 board.¡±

Intel IXP2805 network processor is a robust and powerful design for applications from Multi-Gbps to 10Gbps. It combines 16 fully programmable multi-thread microengines that support 25 Giga-operations per second. It¡¯s a low-power, high-performance solution for a broad range, up to 10 Gbps packet forwarding, policing, scheduling, queue management and protocol inter-working. The 32-bit Intel XScale core is born with the ability of processing complex algorithms, route table maintenance, control plane and system-level management. The chipset provides industry-standard Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture-based (AdvancedTCA) hardware platform and comprehensive software environment for rapid product development and prototyping.

FIDS28MC1 is the main board and works with FIDS28NP1 daughter boards. The main board is able to carry two FIDS28NP1 daughter boards. There are two 10G OC192 ports, ten GE ports and one SPI 4.2 switch. FIDS28NP1 consist of Intel IXP2805 network processor, TCAM card, 768MB RDRAM, QDR, flash and CPLD. With SPI Switch on main board, it allows user to deploy one or two FIDS28NP1 cards to allow port configurable, such as single directional or bidirectional OC192 to OC192, OC192 to 10¡ÁGE, 10¡ÁGE to 10¡ÁGE packet processing. The IXP2805 processors can work in parallel or in series.

Flexcomm FIDS28MC1 software platform adopt Montavista Professional Edition 3.1 Linux OS. It provides developers with all drivers and peripheral software for developing Linux application on this platform. Its SDK enables hardware and software engineering to proceed in parallel. FIDS28MC1 SDK is compatible with Intel® IXA SDK 4.x. IXA SDK tools, which allows customer to debug and develop microcode program on emulation platform and hardware platform.

¡°With a long history of Intel® IXP based technology leadership and customer commitment in the network communications and embedded segments, and as a member of the Intel Communications Alliance, Flexcomm is one of the best providers for broadband access solution.¡± Shijie emphasized. ¡°For its outstanding hardware design and software platform, FIDS28MC1 will benefit our customers with highly competitive price and faster time-to-market cycle.¡±

With many years R&D experience in Intel IXP series network processors, Flexcomm is able to provide strong technical support, including customization of various applications like firewalls, network security and data analysis based on IXP2805 platform.

More Information, Pls click:http://www.flexcomm.com.cn/products/FIDS28MC1.htm

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