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Flexcomm announces new Portable Navigation Device

Shenzhen-25th Jan 2008, Flexcomm today announced a Portable Navigation Device (PND) which integrates versatile and resourceful functionality and performance in its compact box. It¡¯s based on System-on-Chip solutions for cost-effective and power sensitive applications in consumer entertainment and information applications.

The PND uses Central Processing Unit (CPU) which is based on ZEVIO™ ZV1050 produced by Magnum Semiconductor. It¡¯s remarkable and epochmaking cooperation between both companies. The PND was successfully showcased in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2008 in Las Vegas.

The ZV1050 combines an ARM9 CPU with an advanced 3D graphics engine to deliver photo-realistic graphical images and game-quality effects on portable LCD.

"The ZEVIO™ ZV1050 is a perfect fit for applications that would benefit from increasing levels of graphical and audio/video performance, and that must support a variety of inputs," said Melvin Hirata, general manager for the ZEVIO product line at Magnum. "Emerging 3D mapping systems and digital photo frames are just two examples where the ZV1050 delivers new features the market wants without driving up the cost of the end product to the consumer," he added.

The 3D capabilities allow navigation devices to provide a driver's eye perspective of elevations and individual structures, to supplement standard overhead map views.

The ZV1050 integrates multiple task-specific processors, distributing work as opposed to forcing all tasks to be run on a single CPU. The general purpose CPU is a 32-bit ARM926 CPU running at 225MHz. Meanwhile, the processing unit runs all major OSs and existing middleware; this translates into a lighter and more cost effective platform. The ARM926EJ-S supports all standard multimedia file formats such as MP3, WMA, MPEG4 (WMV), ASF and MPEG1 (MPG/MPEG/DAT), AVI and H.264. As a plus point, any future new multimedia file format can be supported by software upgrading of PND. The audio capabilities of the ZV1050 include 64-channel sound synthesis for MIDI playback, 3D positional audio for sound effects, and decoding of popular compressed digital audio formats such as MP3, so that consumers can enjoy audiophile-quality music and game-quality synthesized audio effects. In addition, the digital audio input port and integrated DSP can provide audio encoding and voice recognition capabilities.

¡°Flexcomm is one of the worldwide leaders with many years of R&D experience in Communications and Consumer Electronics market. ZV1050 provides High-Quality 3D graphics, video and audio for low-cost consumer applications.¡± Said Shijie Fan, General Manager of Flexcomm. ¡°With the strong support from Magnum Semiconductor, Flexcomm has intense confidence in this cooperation and its first fruit¡ªPND.¡± ¡°We are providing world-class cost-effective manufacturing services in China, and expert in H/W or S/W customization to allow faster time to market.¡± He added.

The highly scalable architecture of PND enables easy product and features upgrade for OEMs. For instance, with minimal design customization, the platform is capable of supporting bigger size LCD panel. This helps OEMs to minimize their investment in product roadmap development cycle. This contributes to the fact that the PND solution is lower in cost, faster TTM, higher ROI (return of investment), and less investment risk compared to other products or solutions in the same category.

This PND solution is not only a GPS navigator; users can also view photos, listen to music, listen to the radio, play games, as well as accessing its GPS functions. PND is packed full of value-added features that make it an excellent navigator. Its high sensitivity GPS receiver acquires satellites quickly and maintains signals even when users drive under heavy foliage or near skyscrapers.

Its size is only 121mm(L) x 75mm(W) x 28mm(T), weighing around 220g. It conveniently moves from vehicle to vehicle with an easy, adjustable mount. Its compact size makes it convenient to take along on business trips and even use in rental cars.

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About Magnum Semiconductor
Magnum Semiconductor is a leading provider of chips, software, and platforms for consumer entertainment systems and the professional broadcast infrastructure. Magnum provides the tools and technologies for recording, storing, managing, viewing, and exchanging audio and video throughout the home, and on the go. Magnum Semiconductor is headquartered in Milpitas, California, with sales and engineering offices in Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Further information is available at www.magnumsemi.com.

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Flexcomm Technology Ltd was founded in 2004. We are a world leading provider of Network Communication, Network Multimedia and Consumer Multimedia products and solutions which are based on Intel® network processors, Intel® XScale® technology, Marvell® PXA processor and Sigma Designs technology. We are headquartered in H.K., with offices in Shenzhen, P.R.C. and Penang, Malaysia.

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